List of Items to Bring to Each Lesson

To make the most of each lesson, please try to bring the following items to each lesson. Click here to print this list.

  1. Your instrument - your voice in perfect health. If you’re sick and it hurts to swallow - don’t sing. If you cannot sing - let me know at the beginning of the lesson and we can take the opportunity to focus on other aspects of singing: diction, music theory, breathing exercises, acting/reciting/presenting a piece - there is a lot of work to do even without singing.
  2. Before your first lesson, submit the application form.
  3. A recording device to record your lesson. You will hear how your voice really sounds like (our voice sounds differently to us than it does to the rest of the world) and you can listen to the lesson again and work with it at home. Different options are SD card to use the studio’s recorder/camcoder, or use your own MP3/tape recorder & cassette/mini disk/camcorder.
    Click here to purchase an SD card from If you need an SD card reader - you can buy a card + reader (click one of the images below).

    4GB SDHC Card + Reader

    8GB SDHC Card + Reader
  4. Music notebook and your music theory book. You can print this blank music sheet ten times (double sided) and staple the pages together to make your own notebook).
  5. Pencil and eraser.
  6. Two copies of the sheet music (or at least guitar chords for non-classical material) of the piece that you would like to work on (even if you can’t read music yet). The Toronto Reference Library (at Yonge & Bloor) has a large collection of music scores on the 5th floor. Alternatively, you can purchase sheet music in a music store, for example Long & McQuade, Remenyi House of Music Ltd, or online at Sheet Music Plus or
  7. The lyrics of the song, separated from the sheet music; to work on the structure of the piece, acting and reciting it.
  8. If the piece is not in English, bring a translation. Many translations can be found in The Lied and Art Song Texts Page or The Aria Database.
  9. A bottle of water.
  10. You can bring a recording of the song that you would like to sing or a playback for popular music (but you do not have to).
  11. Positive energy and self confidence!

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