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Why theory? Some students complain that they love music and music theory only drives them away from music. Read the short introduction in this music theory blog or the article Why you NEED Music Theory by Gary Ewer, B. Mus., if you still have questions or you are not convinced - do not hesitate to ask me / prove me wrong / complain...

In this section I listed many useful links; some are complete theory books, some simply provide exercises. These links are very useful and fun but in no way do they substitute a formal structured pedagogical methods of music theory and ear training studies with teachers and books. some of the links are suited for intermediate to advanced students who are familiar with the basic concepts and know WHAT they need to work on. Most exercises are generated randomly by the computer and do not follow tonal rules that help the student deal with exercises as they become increasingly complex.

I recommend that you browse through these sites and then decide which one you like and stick to it until you finish reading all the material available there. Switching between one method and the other and switching between levels will only cause confusion and will hinder your progress.

About my background: I was lucky to study two unique (and very different) methods of ear training with Dr. Bat Sheva Rubinstein and with Dr. Vladimir Scolnic; both outstanding musicians who established their own methods. I use both methods; depending on the student and on the subject being taught.

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