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Kodály Method Practice Pages


The Kodály Method Practice Pages are some pages that I gathered together to help you practice at home some of the principles of the wonderful Kodály Method. They focus mainly on learning a new note of the diatonic C major scale (no flats nor sharps) on each page. I recommend to begin each practice session with the first page, advancing, singing at least one song per page until you reach the lesson intended for you today. Trying to advance without making sure that you have a firm basis will be a waste of your time; in the long run you will not remember neither the basics nor the more advanced.

Each page begins with the notes that you already know, then it introduces the new note. After that - you have a list of songs. Some of them need to be transposed to C major - notice the instructions. You will need to install Sibelius Scorch plugin to be able to view the songs from “The American Folk Song Collection”. I recommend installing it - it is very useful for musicians (and I trust it to be safe).

Disclaimer: The Kodály method is not about learning the names of the notes and their hand signs. It has many other aspects; some of which I teach in class (and did not include in these pages, for example - rhythm) and some I do not teach (there is no time for everything, and sometimes I prefer using a different method for certain aspects; it also depends on the age and level of the student). In no way do these pages claim to offer the “official” Kodály Method; as they are not. They are just using some of the tools used in that method. If you would like to learn the method more deeply - I do encourage you to do so in an official Kodály Method school (be warned - many claim to be, when they are actually not).

Enough introduction - let’s begin working: go to the First Practice Page!

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