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Kodály Method Practice Page #4

Review: Sol, Mi, La, Do

The Grand or bright tone
(Sometimes called Soh or So)

The Steady or calm tone

The Sad or weeping tone

The Strong or firm tone


New Note: Re

The Rousing or hopeful tone
(Sometimes spelled Ray)



Click the notes to print notes or get a larger view. If the name of the song is only a link - click link to view and listen to the song.

1. Hot Cross Buns

2. Hop Old Squirrel (transpose Perfect 4th down)

3. Sailor, Sailor on the Sea (transpose Major 2nd down)

4. The Closet Key (transpose Major 2nd down)

5. Froggie in the Meadow (transpose Perfect 4th down)

6. The Pocket Song

7. Bye, Bye Baby (transpose Major 2nd down)

8. Bought Me a Cat #1 (transpose Major 2nd down)

9. How Many Miles to Babylon (transpose Perfect 4th down)

10. Ohio River (transpose Major 2nd down)

11. Frosty Weather

12. Jim-Along Josie

13. Jim Along Jo variation on Jim-Along Josie (transpose Major 2nd down)

14. Ida Red (transpose Major 2nd down)

15. Do, Do, Pity My Case (transpose Major 2nd down)

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