Voice Studio

So here is the place where work begins…

The studio addresses the following issues (and some more):

  • Anatomy, vocal mechanism & vocal health: based on scientific studies and renowned books
  • Posture: finding the free, balanced posture of the whole body and of the vocal apparatus
  • Breath: building awareness of the breath, learning to use it properly and enhancing its capabilities
  • Resonance: defining clear vowels that allow a free flowing sound using facts about the vocal tract, imagination and natural sensations
  • Exercises: using well known, fun, energizing vocalizations
  • Diction: vowel modification, producing crisp consonants, diction of foreign languages, IPA
  • Repertoire: choosing the right style to suit the singer’s taste, personality, range, etc
  • Artistry: pointing out different ideas to make the piece interesting and original and encouraging the students to find their own
  • Performance: how to present a piece, manage stage fright and more

The subjects are organized in a logical order: before any attempt to sing - the singer should consider all issues, more or less in the same order that they are listed. These issues should be addressed before beginning voice lessons, before every singing session and even before every sung phrase. Every subject is presented briefly and is then followed by useful informative links. Some lessons have a quiz; you are welcome to send your answers.

Choose the topic from the links on the left - and begin your work - Enjoy!


List three reasons why the woman in purple is not singing properly. E-mail your answers.

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