Piano Lessons

I am not a pianist, but I do have some experience with the piano; I have studied piano for 8 years. I do wish my piano skills were better (especially my sight reading), but I consider myself lucky having the piano skills that I do have. One of my voice teachers (who was against beginning voice lessons too early) told me that if a young student is planning on becoming a professional classical singer - they should delay voice lessons but begin taking piano lessons and study the German language. I do not agree with delaying - if a child wants to sing - s/he will sing and it is wiser to do so with professional help and guidance, but I couldn’t agree more regarding acquiring piano and languages skills.

The studio offers piano lessons for beginner pianists or basic piano skills - essential tools for any vocalist. Singers, if they take their singing seriously, should be able to learn a song from a piano score. It is true that many singers can learn by ear many songs, but what happens if you are given an original piece? Or if you cannot find a recording? Without basic piano skills one may suddenly feel very limited.

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