Students’ Testimonials

Below you can read testimonials from my North York studio students, or read reviews on Google. If you would like to recommend the studio - please spread the word; share your experience and impressions with future students!

Amazing Instructor!!
Great teacher. If you plan to take voice lessons, Miriam is one of the best I have ever met. I am a current opera voice student in California that was having a hard time with my repertoire, but when I went to see her, she fixed my breath problems, my tone, and my embouchure. She is a magnificent instructor that knows very well about the subject.

~ Alba
Opera voice student, California US

I would highly recommend singing lessons with Miriam for many reasons. She is extremely knowledgeable; and her ability to teach and share her knowledge of such a vast field of study at an appropriate pace, is equally impressive. She is a demanding instructor while at the same time maintaining a kind and motivating attitude and a sense of humour. Every lesson not only provides insight into the science of the voice; Miriam also encourages scholarship and respect for Music as an invaluable art form. The relaxed atmosphere of the studio gives one a sense of safety in order to find the confidence needed to meet the challenges of singing well. Her passion for music is always evident and it is impossible not to be inspired by her, as well as your own skills, which will flourish under her care.

~ K.M., 26

Brings out inner talent and walks with you towards perfection.
I never thought of myself as potentially becoming a singer, but Miriam has made it easy, personable and possible. She fully understands what students need and brings out the best voice out of them. Miriam doesn’t look at teaching as a job. She enjoys every bit of it and that is transpired to her students.

~ Arash

Miriam is an inspiring voice teacher. With her positivity and energy, coupled with her wealth of knowledge of music and singing, she makes singing a pleasure. Her lessons are one of the highlights of my week.

~ Caitlin

I enjoyed taking voice lessons with Miriam because she was really flexible in teaching me what I needed while still showing me techniques that help me improve vocally.
Her cheerful attitude and enjoyment of teaching truly make her a great vocal teacher for any child, teen or adult.

~ Aleksei
Guitar player, song writer and aspiring singer

Mrs. Miriam Tikotin is the best teacher that any serious student could dream to have, her angelical voice is a motivation that invites you to explore your voice and reach the potentiality that is unknown to the student because it has never been explored. She is not only a professional voice teacher but also an actress that helps develop confidence, self esteem and removes all inhibitions for any aspiring singer. Her lessons are well programmed, scheduled and has great content in a short period of time. Her classes are very flexible according to the student’s needs. I am so content that my sons have met Mrs. Tikotin.

~ Ana, mother of two of her students

Mrs. Tikotin is both a wonderful teacher and a wonderful person, she has a great attitude towards teacher that makes me feel comfortable when learning from her. She knows the importance of her job and helps me understand everything I’m learning. She also has fun ways of teaching instead of just boring technical work, I’ve really enjoyed working with her. I recommend Miriam Tikotin’s Voice Studio to anyone from all ages; she really is a great teacher and I’m sure you will realize that just as I have.

~ P.X., 15
Student (and Pianist, preparing for RCM level 10 in piano)

Miriam was one of the most flexible and understanding singing teachers I have yet to meet. She really helped to encourage playfulness with my voice and helped to remind me of the importance of practice and repetition, but most of all to relax and have fun. We reviewed a number of different exercises that were very useful and have helped me to train my voice. Thank you Miriam!

~ Robin Newman, 23

I was scared at the beginning, since I am not a professional singer. I thought that these lessons could be a little bit too much for an amateur, but Miriam manages classes at your own level, she always finds a good way to let you learn at your own step, but still keep you challenged.
I highly recommend her lessons!

~ Ale, Accountant, 28

What I loved about Miriam from the first moment we started was how intuitive she was in knowing my needs and desires in singing. And based on my level of expertise, she was so quick to put my fears and apprehensions at ease, calm in demeanor but assertive in challenging my voice at the core. This, paired with her natural ability to allow me to go with my own flow, made the experience a rich and worthwhile journey. These assets are what make her a great teacher!

~ Kristine Verendia

...Miriam is an amazingly great and very kind teacher, and we are very fond of her.

~ C.C., 24
Pianist, composer and aspiring baritone

Gained skill and confidence
When I first went to see Miriam, my only singing experience was in the car :-) She taught me how to use my voice properly and she gave me the confidence to finally share it with other people.

~ A.S.

I found Miriam refreshing as an individual and teacher. She is knowledgeable about the voice and makes the work fun. She listens, has a keen ear and is great at conveying what it is she is attempting to get you to achieve. She’s demanding and supportive at the same time. I felt comfortable working with her even though I had no experience as a singer and she, plenty. I wouldn’t trade her because she’s great at what she does and has no time for attitude. With her, it’s simply about work and laughter. She’s a pleasure to work with.

~ Sarah L., 52
Medical Assistant

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